TMClocks  Repair and Restoration of Fine Clocks

Let no clock go un-loved!

   About Fine Clocks    

Fine clocks are built to last for many lifetimes.  Often owners report feeling that their clock hosts the spirit of its maker. The soft sounds of a fine clock marking time, or the comforting melodic sounds of its chime have supported home and family bonds for generations.

While they may run flawlessly for decades, an occasional cleaning (every 5 to 7 years) and appropriate lubrication every 2-3 years, can ensure that a beloved clock will operated well for a very long time. 

The consequences of gathered dust, particulate matter and/or the jostlings from being moved may be that delicate parts get damaged or broken.  Clocks generally sport dozens of gearings, the smallest of which, if damaged, will cause the clock to stop or loose time. 

Sometimes the chimes will not work, although the clock may contine to keep time.  These mechanisms, however, articulate closely.  When chimes cease working, it is a signal that the clock needs servicing.